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I generally took the output from the Retrocade and plugged it into an amplifier to increase the volume. 

The audio output was designed without any kind of amplification circuit so there is no practical way to increase the volume without an external amplifier.

It's been years since I did anything with the Retrocade project, and looking back I don't think it was very useful for people to use it. I've been thinking about re-doing it so it is more useable and would love some feedback.

I was thinking about redoing it in the Eurorack form factor. That would make it modular and you could put an already designed amplifier in the rack if you wanted to. What do you think?


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Hello Jack,

Thank you for your answer! I will try to add a headphone amplifier, indeed it should help me to have a more powerful sound.

I'm glad you're still here on the forum and coming up with some great new ideas!
I don't exactly know what Eurorack is but it seems good for music production. It would be really nice to create chiptune sounds with this kind of synthesizers. It may even be of interest to musicians without any programming experience 🙂
For me the Retrocade is still a great tool as I mainly want to generate and control SID sounds without a PC. I know I use less than 10% of its capacities, I have not yet handled the whole FPGA aspect.

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