SK-Synth source?


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I'm interested in playing with the Sk-synth core mentioned on the RetroCade home page, but the entire site seems to have been non-functional for over a year at least. It's still there, but it just throws PHP errors.

Did anyone happen to checkout the code from when it was available?  If so I'd love to get a copy.



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Thanks andY, I'll give that a try.  The web site is so badly broken I couldn't find any contact info. 

I have read about the Tiny Synth and XFM ( projects, but neither appear to have published their RTL code, at least I couldn't find it.

I recently ported Greg Taylor's clone of the OPL3 to the surplus Panologic thin clients ( and and I'm currently working on porting some of the RetroCade code.  The second generation Panologic device is based on a LX150 Spartan 6 and has a 24 bit capable Wolfson codec so it should be possible to make one heck of a nice synth for it.


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