Serial output on linux

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Hello everyone,,

I am working my way through the IntroToSpartanFPGABook. And i was stuck in Chapter 20 for about half a day.


My problem was that i just could not get the "Z" to appear on my serial port. Which was strange, because with a lot of the other bitfiles i found on this site there was serial data when I did a "cat /dev/ttyUSB1" so I know it wasn't a problem with the board, or with linux (x86_64), or anything other than my own VHDL code.


Unfortunately i assumed that the serial port would hazard perception test be programmed correctly, but it was not. I had to do a "stty -F /dev/ttyUSB1 raw", because it was still in the "XON/XOFF" protocol apparently.


I tried to put as much search terms I used in the past day in this message to hope that someone with the same problem will manage to find it. :)


So now a have a screen full of "Z". On to the next objective, somehow encode the state of the switches into the serial data. Lots of fun. :D


Edit: This was on a Papilio Pro. But the same would've probably happened on a One..

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