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Hello everyone,,

(this post has nothing to do with Papilio. Papilio is great)

I dislike WebTalk. Real or imaginary, it seems evil.

So, I was thinking of using Ubuntu's wubi to create a little Linux partition. Should Xilinx ISE work OK there compared to a Windows 7 environment (maybe Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04)? It will probably have around 20 gigs of free space.

I read that you can thwart webtalk under Linux. Don't know if that is fair. But I don't want stuff mucking around in the background taking notes and pictures and sending a lump off to someone for something near me cheap color copies.

And really Mr. Xilinx this medieval thinking is "all good" on the way up, but what if you need people on the way down, or when we have a little more choice? I suppose the MCU market is very different than FPGA realated stuff, but there are a lot more high quality free toolsuites for MCU development nowadays. 

And another thing .... the basic idea of free dev tools is that we the developers, free of charge, will be more inclinded to spec Xilinx chips in our design when we use a spyware_and_$ free develeopment tool from a friendly company.

Do you really learn that much from a bunch of students who are learning FPGA? Hmm. Can't imagine it would be about design, but anyway. And if you see a need for free anything, why stuff webtalk in there? Tell the bean counters you are thinking long term, like a champion.


BTW the chips are truely amazing & I think some appreciate that Xilinx is at least informing us about webtalk..

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