Papilio Duo vs Papilio Pro?


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I am thinking of getting a Papilio board and bit confused between Papilio Duo and Papilio Pro. Which one should I get? Looking for a beginner friendly board and I wanted to use Xilinx ISE and Chipscope. Any other recommended board other than Papilio? Was looking at TinyFPGA B series, but they use Lattice FPGAs.

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I have a Papilio Pro as well as several other Xilinix based FGPA development boards.  I found the Papilio easy to get started with but struggled to find good documentation. I know there is more that could be achieved with the Papilio but I couldn't seem to make the connections on my own.

Xilinx ISE whilst a very big download the more important features are not available with a free licence.  I struggled to use ISE as I again didn't really know what to do.  

I have a lattice ECP5 based board and have currently been trying it out with the new open source development tools available - it works but is no where near as user friendly as Xilinx ISE and Papilio.  That said, open source tools are always popular and there are many people in the community attempting to push this further.

There are pros and cons with either.  One thing that hasn't changed in my opinion is that FPGA devices still have a steep learning curve no matter which platform you go for.

I don't think there is much to choose between either platform but the Papilio is slightly more established so would probably be easier to start with if you are using Windows 10 etc.

Good Luck!


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