Papilio 3d printer firmware ideas


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Hello everyone,,

I got my Papilio DUO the other day and have been playing around with. Let me say I really like what I see. I only had a couple issues(drivers but got fixed), less than most development boards I have used.

My main project for buying the DUO was for 3d printing. As I mentioned in an my intro post I think the DUO is a great platform for this.

I have started working on splitting up the Teacup firmware for arduino. I put together a small document with my ideas on how a 3d printing firmware might work on the DUO. Looking for others thoughts especially on the FPGA side of things as I am just starting out learning that side. Feel free to chime in on any thoughts.

I broke it down into 2 phases just to make the coding a little easier on my end. The 1st phase is just moving all the motion planning and control over to the ZPUino. The later phase will be the better stuff, moving the stepper control out of the ZPUino and just plain fpga, but leaving the motion planning on the

One of the areas I am especially looking for some input is how to bridge the atmega32U4 to the ZPUino. I need to send data (positions for each axis, estop, etc) to the ZPUino and possibly request data in return (current position) from also. My first thought is something like SPI or I2C over some of the shared pins. I would love to hear if there are some easier or faster or more efficient approaches. Another item I am looking for some feedback is in the Phase 2 area. I showed two possible configuration for how I think it might be done. Any feedback on those would be appreciated also.

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