Logicstart Shield compatibility with 5 V Arduino UNO

Chris Wilcox

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I'd like to use a LogicStart Shield with a basic 5V Arduino UNO to use for early S/W design of a digital clock for a High School STEM program I am teaching.

We need a 7-Seg display and some switches to set the time, timer, and mode of the clock.

It looks like the slide switches would be fine but will the 7-Segment AN drivers be OK driven by 5V Arduino UNO outputs?  As I recall, some of the individual LEDs have limiting resistors on the DUO so I'll stay away from driving those.





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Funny enough, but the LED's have 330 ohms limiting resistors, but not the 7 segment., at least this is what I see on the Megawing schematic..

I checked the 7 segment notice, so it is said 20 mA, and 2.1 V typical, but nothing about a limiting resistor, which is always good to have in my opinion. I don't know why Jack did not provide these...

Anyway, when I use a LED (anyone) with an ARDUINO, it is always safe to have a limiting resistor (330 ohms if you wish a bright glow, but 1 k should do the trick).

More important: ARDUINO provides 3.3 or 5 V, so be sure not to overload the Megawing!


Have fun.


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