Loading Papilio Bram only project on papilio pro


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I have built a special papilio that is a clone of the papilio pro. It also has spansion flash chip that shares the address and data lines with the SD memory.  I want to create a bram only zupino core that I load into the pro like board. This will free the address and data lines of the SDRAM. If I de select the SDRAM on the new board and select the spansion flash, I can then use i/o registers to transfer files from the SD card on the CL wing to the spansion flash. Then I will load the actual xilinx program that uses the flash directly with no papilio core.

Is there a straight forward way to do this? My first attempt was to modify the papilio 500 project with SD cl wing and modify the ucf file to correctly connect to the pro Hardware. The xilinx loaded and verified, but the arduino load operation could not find the bram core?? error (Cannot get programmer version, aborting)

I figured someone else may have tried this obvious modification of loading the smaller zupino bram only core on the pro board, but I couldn't find a reference in the forum search.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Howard Royster

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As a follow up, I noticed that the ucf callout for the usb_tx and usb_rx seemed to be reversed from the pro ucf so I switched them (not sure about why this worked). When I did, the arduino programmer did not error on the missing core but generated the following error which looks like it found the core but did not see what it wanted to see. 

error - Board: Unknown board @ 96000000 Hz (0xb4010f00)
Cannot program flash on non-sector boundaries!

I thought the Bram flash ( i assume this is the program space in the bram flash) would be placed in the same place in the core but maybe not - there must be some ID issue.

I have attached the project if any one has a chance to take a quick look.

Thanks again for any help.




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