Is gadget factory moving sites or shutting down?

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Hey guys,

I'm very sorry for the hassle, I'm not shutting GF down or moving websites. I started a new job and went through a very intensive two week training period with 14 hour days so there was no time left to look at forum posts here. The hosting for the downloads just happened to expire during that period and I didn't see the emails. I saw it once the training was over and everything should be sorted out now. Things should calm down going forward and I should settle into a routine where I can keep up with forum posts going forward. Once again, sorry for the hassle.



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Glad things are back! I just picked up a DUO (2M) and a LogicStart from Seeed and I was afraid I had been orphaned just after my purchase arrived.  I was able to find the answer to my worry that the upper 5 LEDs on the LogicStart did not have limiting resistors (they are on the DUO) earlier today on the forums :)

Working through the Introducing the Spartan 3E FPGA and VHDL pdf, my first foray into FPGA - enjoying the boards thus far.


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