Edit circuit in ise in Windows 10


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Hi Tony,

While I don't know the answer to your specific question, I believe I can help solve your problem. I'd personally recommend installing another version of the ISE webpack.


Download the .tar file I marked in the attached picture.



Extract with 7zip, winrar, etc.

Run the xsetup.exe and follow the instructions.

Once installed you will have to modify a few files, I wont bother explaining because this post does it very well.


This DOES work for windows 10, and i think it's worth the extra time to have it launch outside VitualBox.


Sincerely Kristoffer Derosche

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I've hit this problem too.  I am currently downloading the recommended version.  Everyone new user of a Papilio device MUST be hitting this problem.  I hope GadgetFactory update their software fast, or at least provide a link to the correct download.  The current link in the new file comments for downloading Xilinx tools is broken.

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Under windows Designlab is using the start command to open the .xise file. This means all your should have to do is make sure that *.xise files are associated with Xilinx. It should do that automatically as part of the install process. But if it does not then you can just right click on any .xise file and associate the file type with Xilinx ISE.


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