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xilinx ise. What a whopper of a file and a nightmare to get hold off? Im on the second download as origonal thinks its a 1.8Tbyte file!? If its free software and this large and crucial to papillio. Why wasn't it put on a disc and shipped with it?

Ive been waiting a long time to get a PRO and when i saw the availability i treated myself for christmas! Just getting bogged down with getting it going.

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Hi Baggey,

As far as I know. Xilinx EULA (End User License Agreement) forbids us from shipping the software, either in physical medium or as a download. That is the main reason you have to download it from Xilinx directly.

This is far from optimal, we know, but, aside from something I believe Jack is working on (can you confirm @Jack Gassett?, the only way to get the software.



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