Wishbone_Peripherals v.s. ZPUino_Wishbone_Peripherals


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I am trying to modify the standard Wishbone peripherals. Here is what I did

I cloned the git repository containing the DesignLab examples, renamed my local libraries to libraries-old
and configured the ide to use DesignLab_Examples as Sketchdir.(it llook like the examples directory might also need a rename)

Next using the file open I go to libraries/ZPUino_Wishbone_Peripherals and open the "edit_library.ino"
in that folder.  Next I clicked on the sketchdir://Chip_Designer.xise  to open the ISE.

This opens the ISE editor. For this example the editor open with an error that it can not find AUDIO_zpuino_wb_pokey.vhd


So I started seaching for that file and found it in a different folder where I found a similar project

For short DesignLab_Examples/00.Papilio_Schematic_Library/Libraries/Wishbone_Peripherals and
DesignLab_Examples/libraries/ZPUino_Wishbone_Peripherals Are similar but different.


The Wishbone_Peripherals is lacking a project file and the ZPUino_Wishbone_Peripherals is lacking a vhd file.

How am i supposed to modify the library?




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16 minutes ago, Jack Gassett said:

DesignLab_Examples/00.Papilio_Schematic_Library/Libraries/Wishbone_Peripherals is outdated, you should use the other one...

I will have to take a look later at how to update that library, it has been a while.



What for for me currently is to open a project e.g. ZPUino multiple serial ports and add the component (e.g. spi) and start modifying it but I am not 100% sure this is the right way to create a clean library

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