DesignLab and Papilio Pro Only - No ZPUino. Will it work?


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I just got my Papilio Pro and I'm trying to get started.

I have a Ubuntu 16.04 Linux 64 bit machine.


After installing DesignLab and running it, I selected Papilio Pro. But in the selection it says "Papilio Pro - ZPUino"

I don't have a ZPUino...can I use DesignLab with just a Papilio Pro and a MegaWing?

When I try to build and use:


I get this error:

Board: GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9 @ 96000000 Hz (0xa4041700)
Board mismatch!!!.
Board is:      0xa4041700 'GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9'
Sketch is for: 0xb4041700 'GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9 (ZPUino 2.0)'

A pointer as to the problem would be appreciated.








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You already have ZPUino, it just needs to be loaded onto your Papilio Pro.  DesignLab can do that.  There's probably a menu item in DesignLab, something like load circuit, to do that, which you need to do before loading the sketch on top of it.

When you tell it to load circuit, it loads a bitstream image onto the FPGA on the Papilio Pro, which configures it to act as a particular circuit.  The ones with ZPUino contain a "ZPU" 32 bit processor and various I/O devices.  The software in your sketch runs on the ZPU processor and manipulates those devices.


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