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Hi Guys,


3.5 years ago when I was between jobs, I purchased the papilio one + logic wing and tough myself VHDL basics. it was good enough for me to get two job offers!

Than I started the new logic design engineer job and put it aside. that job was (and still is) about high level synthesis - writing CPP code that later compiles and generates verilog code.

So not much coding in HDL was done by me for the last 3 years. 

That brings me to my point: Now that I want to take of the rust and code some HDL (this time I aim for verilog) in my free time, I discover that it is not working in the latest environments:

- windows 10 (64b) with ISE --> this I overcome(I think) from older thread reading

-windows 10 (64b)  with Papilio loader - looks like the application is not talking with the USB driver, or maybe it is the USB driver (jungo windriver?) which is not updated.

I think that for me and for new people who would like to get to FPGA (or HDL learning) some documentation\scripting updates are needed



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The ISE Issue is well known, but as you have already found out, there are workarounds for that. 

On my Windows 10 machines I have no Issues with Papilio loader and papilio-prog. Do you have downloaded the latest version?

Does the USB Serial Port of the Papilio appear as com port in Windows?



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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply. I have downloaded the latest I found in the papilio website: "Papilio-Loader-V2.8"

I see that it is an application ready to use, not installing anything, just opens JAVA gui.

in device manager I don't see the Papilio as COM port...

I suspect the Jungo win-driver, it is being installed within the XILINX web-pack, is it good for Windows10?



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oops, my bad, I actually see two new COM ports when connecting Papilio, (see image)

Now, the next obstacle is that the *.bit file of the project not getting the papilio icon, and when I try to give papilio the path for this file and burn the FPGA, nothing happens..


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