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Hello keesj,

Generally what I would do if I was going to make changes to the libraries was to delete the library from the DesignLab-1.0.8/libraries folder and put it in my home directory under the Designlab folder. I don't remember the exact path but you should be a directory there for sketches and if there is a subdirectory for libraries it will use that. I would copy this entire github repository there and make my changes there and post them back up to github.

Also, please be advised that I am working towards a more sane method of managing libraries and code examples. It's just getting started but I think using FuseSoc is going to help us make things clearer, easier, and not depend on the Arduino IDE. The conversation is starting up here:


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Actually there is a readme that explains better how to setup the libraries so you can modify them. I'd make a fork of the github repository and then follow the readme, then you can track your changes back to github.



These are the example projects and libraries for DesignLab.

They are a separate project to make it easy to download the examples without downloading the full DesignLab source code.

To use you should go to File/Preferences in DesignLab and set the Sketchbook location to this DesignLab_Examples folder. You will also need to rename the libraries folder in your DesignLab installation to libraries-orig so you don't pick up two copies of the libraries.



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