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I am based in the Netherlands and want to order a few parts (Papilio pro, some wings and io buffers). What is the best plat to order the items?

  • When I order from the US I normally have to pay additional handling fees  and I would like to avoid this
  • I don't mind waiting a few day before getting the stuff

I have seen a few places that offer the hardware (sparkfun, seedstudio,this website) can anybody recommend where to get the hardware?


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I have used SK Pang Electronics ( which is a company based in the UK.

I just checked and they have the Papilio Pro and Duo in stock. They are out of stock of other items. I noticed that prices rose significantly around the time of the Brexit result, and the fall of the UK pound against the dollar and other currencies. Then again you will get a better rate with the euro against the pound, which will offset for you.

Buy now while the UK is still in the EU :-)

good luck...


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I always order directly from Gadgetfactory, I live in Germany.

In Germany thy only add VAT (normal rate, 19% in Germany). I order with US postal service, because of the fair price. They usually require a week for shipping to Germany, the remining time depends on the speed of German customs, sometimes they need a day, sometimes 4 weeks...

I assume that in NL it should be similar. 

When Jack would place the invoice in a slip outside the package and not in ghe package processing would be much faster and no visit to the local customs office would be needed.

But Im afraid that the Pro is also out of stock at GadgetFactory currently.

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Hi keesj,

   in case you are monitoring this thread (or get an alert). On Ebay UK at the moment (23-Nov-2017) there is a Papilio set for sale "Papilio Pro Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA + 2 Mega Wing". It is £70 "buy it now". It has been there for a few days.

Description in bold.

Selling a Papilio Pro FPGA, perfect to learn FPGA with 2 megawing.

Papilio Pro - Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA / 64Mbit SDRAM

Papilio LogicStart MegaWing
Papilio Arcade MegaWing

I am not the seller, nor do I have any connection. As usual, let the buyer beware.



P.S. I hate this editor! It seems to insert a paragraph when I hit return. It's just as irratating as the default email behaviour in Thunderbird.

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