New to Papilio Pro & LogicStart

Huy Nguyen

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I just bought Papilio Pro with the LogicStart Shield.

Installed Driver to Windows 10 OK. Board recognized as COM 7 and COM 8 for the Papilio Pro Board.

Papilio Loader for Windows is also installed OK.

Papilio Pro LX9 QuickStart bit file is also verified board is recognized

So next are DesignLab IDE and Web Pack ISE Installations ?

Please help me to start for both Papilio Pro and LogicStart Shield since I am very new with the FPGA and your boards and I am very interested of learning to put them to work. How can I verify both are working, please ?


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There's another great book called Free Range VHDL, I found it to be tremendously helpful once I got started. What I did was read the whole book through from cover to cover without worrying too much about soaking it all in, then I went back and started going through the examples and referring to other sections as needed.

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