USB to FPGA problem

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Connecting the mini-USB cable to a comp. my Papilio DUO board powers up (Power LED lits up and a green 'LED' blinks), but no USB device appears in my Device Manager nor try even to connect a new one. I checked several cables (one I use in my LPC-Link IDE successfully) and several  computers with Windows 7, 8, 10. When I switch to micro-USB, I get a port for AVR. Papilio-loader reports: 'Could not access USB device 0403:6010'. Of course .

I see a couple of similar publications in Forum but a total miss of reaction to plugging USB cable didn't match.

I will appreciate any help.


P.S. 12MHz osc. of FTDI does not work.

pin 36 SUSPEND# = 3,3V (active low when USB is in suspend mode)

pin 60 PWREN# = 2,5V ( =1 USB SUSPEND mode or device has not been configured)


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Help yourself!

You may see my brand new Papilio DUO working with my brand new Crystal!

Keep in mind that Crystals are shock sensitive and can be damaged during transport. In general - no sense to send forth and back the board for a quarter cost part as long as you know what you doing.


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Nice that you got it working. Just make sure no one reads this as a recommended first-step response to a board that doesn't show on USB...

My experience: I've thrown some of my own (boxed) FPGA designs across the lab and smashed them against hard surfaces under the pretense :-) of drop testing. Several dozens of units. While this led to mechanical design changes, I've never managed to break a crystal, or in fact anything electronic on a board. So I wouldn't be too worried about shock-sensitive crystals. To me, this seems a failure mode as likely as thousands of others.


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