new sound chips ?

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Not sure if anyone noticed but there are a few new chip cores created by jotego who frequents at least on the zxuno and mist forums. 

https://github.com/jotego/jt51 (link to ym2151 clone, there are also ym2612 and a new take on sn76489)

I don't own a synth wing so i've no idea if they would be an useful addition or not, nor how much work they would be to plug in.



ps. the jt51 demo is using a new cycle accurate 6809 core which could be of interest to someone running old synth code on fpga


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The cycle accurate 6809 is certainly of interest, I'll have to give that a try with some of the pinball sound boards I was playing with a while back, the 6809 based ones worked but the sound pitch was often wrong. It would enable building an FPGA based Vectrex too.

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