Channel B on FT2232D Dead?


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I have a very simple project programmed into the FPGA and I am monitoring all of the I/O directly through ChipScope.  Currently, I am experiencing some issues with implementing a UART.  At this point, all I am really doing is monitoring the RX line (pin 101) for any edge triggers.  Through the FT Prog tool, I have verified port B is setup as a virtual com port and as an RS232 UART.  The com port shows up in device manager as expected.  I've disabled chan A, so I am confident that I am picking the correct com port.  When I open putty or tera term and try to send some random data over this line, I do not see any activity on chipscope.  Chipscope is clocking because I can trigger on other signals.

Tomorrow, I will look at the FPGA and USB-to-UART chip (U3) under a microscope and see if I can see any loose pins or solder joints.  I will also check the continuity between the sets of pins to rule out trace problems.  If I can get my hands on one, I will probe U3 with a scope and verify I have chipscope setup to reflect reality.  I may not have access to one this week though... which is the reason for my question:  is there anything else that I may be overlooking in initial setup?  Jumpers, etc?

Appreciate any additional insight.  Thanks!

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