Keeping some pings available while using Wings


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Hi all,

I'm about to buy a Pro to replace an existing Spartan 6 design.  I'd like to have a 4 digit 7 segment LED display and 8 toggle switches.  The LogicStart MegaWing looks just right but I have one problem.  I need 6 free pins (not including ground) for 3 instantiated uarts but the MegaWing uses every pin on the Pro so I am out of luck.

Does anyone have a recommendation for how I can get my LED display, toggle switches and free pins?  I can always connect the display and switched off board but will purchase existing products if possible.


Mr Minix

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Hello Mr. Minix, 

I have heard of people reversing the LogicStart MegaWing like in this post:

The other option is to go with the Papilio DUO and the LogicStart Shield. The VGA portion of the LogicStart Shield snaps off and gives you access to 16 pins... We are currently out of stock of the DUO right now but will have some 2MBs ready soon, or you can order from Seeed Studio.


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Thanks Jack,

I went through more of the forum and found the rotation approach you mentioned above.    I'm up to speed now on the way the A, B, and C connectors are arranged.

I've purchased the Pro and LogicStart megawing because I want more than 2MB.  My initial plan is to drive the 7 segment LED's and, if I have to, I'll run jumpers from the bottom of the MegaWing to free pins on the Pro.


Thanks again,

Mr Minix

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