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Hello again, 

I finally got it right so I can update the bit files on my RetroCade Synth V1.1. But I still have a few problems when using a Midi-Controller to play the Synth Channels. I've found Version 1.3 deep somewhere in this forum which fixed the note off problem for channel 2, but the other channels remain. 

  1. All 8 Channels are called "SIDV1". Shouldn't there be at least one YM2149 channel?
  2. Channel 0 Drums don't produce any sound 
  3. Channel 1 seems to be the same as Channel 0
  4. Channels 2 - 7 are playing the last key pressed constantly, I can only stop when turning off the power
  5. When I press keys on my Midi Keyboard in Channel 0 too fast one these things will happen:
    • a broken bass noise appears
    • note off doesn't work until I press another key 
    • random notes are being played

Can someone please help me get to finally play this awesome synth? :-)

A thousand thanks


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Hello Julian,

I just created a Gitter Chat room for the RetroCade Synth so we can start working through the issues you are having. If you have a chance please join me there so we can get things working correctly.

In the meantime I'm going to start looking at the problems you are seeing. 

One question, when you say all the channels are SIDV1... Can you give some more detail on where you are seeing that. It has been a while since I have done anything with the RetroCade software...


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