Issue with Duo AVR USB


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Somehow my Duo's AVR USB port must be injured.  It doesn't seem to make a good connection as the computer detects it but quickly says it was disconnected.  I tried another cable.  I don't recall any incident with it getting pulled and the cables seem to work fine on other devices.  Is there any hope to remedy this or is it left as a Duo without AVR?



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Hello ChrisHurley,

The FPGA controls the reset pin of the AVR so it can disable it if needed. Most likely what is happening is that you have a bit file loaded to the FPGA that is asserting the reset pin and disabling the AVR.

Here is the portion of the DUO UserGuide that better explains how the reset line is connected.

Here is a tutorial that shows how to load a blank bit file to the FPGA that puts the AVR reset line back under control of the user switch on the DUO.

Hope that helps, if not let us know and we will work through this to a resolution with you.


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