RasbperryPI Papilio's FPGA wing?


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Hi there,


i was wondering if you were thought about building a Papilio FPGA wing (well, actually in the Rpi world they are called Hat) for the RaspberryPi boards, and in case you will ever do that, put some SRAM on it and make it compatible with all the Papilio Wings already available.

Thanks dude, keep up the great work.

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I've been working on a new Enclosure and Universal Hardware Platform for IoT devices called GadgetBox. One of the GadgetBoxes that I have on my desk right now is for the Raspberry Pi Zero. I want to get the GadgetBox for Raspberry Pi released first, but my thought was that a great follow up GadgetBox will be to make one that has a Papilio FPGA embedded... What do you think? Or would you rather see a traditional RPi HAT?


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Well, personally i'm interested in a FPGA board that connects to my RaspberryPI board - there are already two solutions out there:

1) the first[1] one is using a Lattice FPGA and it comes in two flavous - PIF_Z for the RaspberryPI Zero with 2k LUTs and PIF_2 for the RaspberryPI2+ with 7k LUTs, but no external memory

2) the second[2] is using a Xilinx Spartan6 LX9 and 32MB of SDRAM


Personally what i would love to see is a Papilio board for the RaspberryPI (Zero / 2+) with some external SRAM and the ability to reuse the Mega/Wings that you already produce, don't know if that fits with your GadgetBox project, but given how much (and how flexible and widespread) are the Raspberries, i guess i wouldn't be the only one interested in such a expansion.




1: http://www.bugblat.com/products/pif/index.html

2: http://valentfx.com/logi-pi/

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