8 Axis Step/Dir Controller

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I have a new project where I need 8 axes of step/dir to have coordinated motion.  I have a table of positions that I need these axes to be at 8 ms intervals, so all the trajectories are computed ahead of time.  In addition, there is another axes that will have independent motion.

I'm at the very start of the project, where I'm ordering hardware.  Would the Papilio Duo be a good choice for this?  Any tip/tricks for the coordinated step/dir control?



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Hello Rob,

An FPGA would be good in that it can easily handle multiple parallel tasks. With the Papilio we don't have any established and tested stepper driver boards yet. I have designed one but I have not actually built it and tested it yet...

You could use some boards that you get from eBay with the Papilio if you do the wiring by hand. 

At this point we do not have a ready to go solution for 8 Axis Step/Dir controller, but the Papilio could handle such a thing given enough time and effort.


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