Using USB FTDI Port B


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If I want to use the FTDI Port B of the FPGA USB port as a serial to USB converter connected to a PC, I understand that I have to use signals BD0 (TXD), BD1 (RXD), BD2 (RTS) and BD3 (CTS) mapped to pins 46, 141, 140, 138 of the FPGA (for full hw handshake). Am I correct ? Is there any interference with the normal Papilio Loader programming ?

Regards, José Luis.

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Hello José,

This should work just fine, you can probably get away with just the TXD and RXD pins depending on the device you are communicating with...

The JTAG programming pins are connected to Port A of the FTDI 2232 chip so there will not be any interference with normal Papilio Loader operations.



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