Papilio One sanity check

Captain Woodstock

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I bought a Papillio One a few years ago and am only now getting around to working with it.

I designed ASICs and Xilinx, Altera and Lattice FPGA circuits for years and worked for one

of the mentioned companies so I have always had this thought that it should be a snap

getting started with Papillio.

Problem is, I am confused with things the differences between ZAP and DesignLab

and which one should be used, etc. I have experience with Arduino and all that so I think

this should not be a big effort. I have ISE Webpack already and want to use just the schematic

entry for beginning students of mine here in Colorado.

QUESTION: Is there a GOOD and current tutorial or has anyone written a GOOD book on the Papillio?

Initially, I just want to download a "sketch" that will run on this older Papillio One that I have in a "hello world"

level program.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have other FPGA development platforms that I could use, but

I like the Arduino tie-in as that is one area my students are already conversant in.

Captain Woodstock

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Hello Captain Woodstock,

Thank you for checking out the Papilio One. All of our tutorials are currently at the Learn website. Here are some specific tutorials that should help explain how the DesignLab software works:

DesignLab Installation Guide - Windows (Linux)

Using DesignLab for the First Time

DesignLab "Hello World"

DesignLab - Make a simple FPGA circuit

DesignLab - Make a ZPUino SOC circuit

There are more variations of these tutorials on the learn website that are worth checking out too.

I'm sorry about the confusion between ZAP and DesignLab. ZAP was the first attempt at integrating all the GadgetFactory libraries in one place but is now retired. DesignLab builds on all the things that were learned with ZAP and is the latest software available.

Finally, I'm located in Westminster Colorado so I would be more then happy to meet with you and see how I can help out and fill in any gaps you might see with the tutorials etc. :)



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Thanks for the quick response. I was working with the Virteonix Simulator for Arduino

and noticed they had Papilio One as a target. That made me ask myself why I had

not done anything with the Papilio since I got it. All my collections off the internet were

pretty stale, so I am glad I reached out and got all the latest from you!

I am in Westminster also and a future visit would be of interest.


Do you have a brick and mortar location like Sparkfun does?


Captain Woodstock

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Jack: Arduino Simulator:

It allows for 1 user and up to 10 devices per seat.

I find it useful.


I don't know how functional the Pailio models

on it are---you are probably the one to kick the

tires on that.


Are the telephone numbers on Gadget Factory

webpage current/working? I am interested in talking to

you about Papilio WRT a class at the school

I teach at.

Captain W.

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