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I  am trying to use an external interrupt on the ZPUino to report status of an 8-bit counter via the USB port.  I have the code working on a Arduino Mega.  I want to port the code over to a Papilio One 250 and utilize the FPGA to handle some external output signals.

Basically I am looking for the equivalent to the following Arduino code:

attachInterrupt(0, capture_bearing, RISING);

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for the response.  I want to send the status of a state machine I have in the FPGA at a user definable rate via the ZPUino usb port to a computer.  Basically I would like to plot bearings from a radio direction finder (heart of the state machine) to Google Earth.   The FPGA  drives multiple antennas and a display.  The reason I am using the ZPUino is to have the ability to change baud rates, scan rates, etc via an Arduino sketch and windows app.


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