Lanai CPU - Google moving into Embedded?

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I was updating my LLVM tree today (long time since I did it) to prepare for XThunderCore SmallISA, and I found a new CPU in there, called "Lanai".

A quick search returned some info - this CPU seems to be in development by Google [1][2][3], and it's similar to a microcontroller but aimed at massive parallel computations.
Did not have time to explore much - looks like a classical RISC to me ythough.

You can get a glimpse of the instruction formats by looking at the LLVM implementation:

Any of you ever heard of this, and if any soft-core implementation is available in the wild ? Magnus ?

(I will update you guys regarding the XThunderCore SmallISA in a couple of weeks).





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Interesting, I wonder if it is related to Intel's acquisition of Altera. Maybe they are getting ready for FPGA's paired with Intel processors... :)

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