Building ZPUino on Windows


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Has anyone had success building the ZPUino on Windows? If so, what's the easiest way to set up the tools that you need?

It uses makefiles intended for GNU make. On Linux you've got make already, but not on Windows. And I don't think that it's as simple as installing mingw, either.

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Thanks. I wasn't thinking about generating the bootloader; just the hardware.

Have you ever built the bitfile on Windows? I'm guessing that something extra needs to be done so that make knows where to find ISE's binaries.


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Hey HansDR,

I've built under Windows many times, here is what I remember:

  • Install cygwin and make sure that make and perl is installed too.
  • add the location of the zpuino tools that you can find in the DesignLab to your path in cygwin.
  • just run make and see if anything has been left out.


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I'm trying to build ZPUino on my windows machine with Cygwin, ISE and perl installed on. I downloaded the last version of ZPUino-HDL from alvie's git repo, then I started by 'Make'ing the content of 'papilio-pro/../designlab' folder, but at the first stage, I encountered this error:

ERROR:Xst:2927 - "\ZPUino-HDL-master\zpu\hdl\zpuino\boards\papilio-pro\S6LX9\variants\designlab\ZPUino_Papilio_Pro_V2_blackbox.prj" line 6: Source file ../../../../../prescaler.vhd does not exist

I can find the prescaler.vhd under '/lib' folder. So, Maybe I am not using the most recent version of repository. Please help me what's wrong?



Even after fixing the above issue by setting files path manually, I got other errors:

ERROR:HDLCompiler:432 - "D:\ZPUino-HDL-master_alvie\ZPUino-HDL-master\zpu\hdl\zpuino\boards\posedge_one\S6LX9\variants\designlab\posedge_one_top.vhd" Line 720: Formal <m_wb_cti_i> has no actual or default value.
INFO:HDLCompiler:1408 - "D:\ZPUino-HDL-master_alvie\ZPUino-HDL-master\zpu\hdl\zpuino\zpuinopkg.vhd" Line 83. m_wb_cti_i is declared here


I wonder if there is anything wrong in my setup or it is a source code issue?

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Hello Shahabamo,

The problem you are running into is that those variant projects are getting pretty old now. The source code tree has been re-arranged and not all of the variant projects have been updated to reflect the moves. You have two options:

  • Run make in the S6LX9 directory or
  • update the *.prj file in the variant directory to point to the new locations for the source files you are getting errors for.


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