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Hello Ivan,

It takes 30-45 days to manufacture a batch of boards. The reason I said it might take a couple of months is because I'm waiting for some funds to build up before putting in the order for the new batch of 512K boards for the Gadget Factory store. I might have the funds available next week or I might not have it until a month from now so my answer above was trying to account for that. :) 

But if you put in the order for your department with a 30-45 day buffer then I'll be able to ensure that your boards are ready in time. (BTW, I noticed an order from your department for a DUO 2MB board, I also included a free DUO 512K board for evaluation.)



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Thanks for the information, we will definitely keep that buffer in mind when placing the order.

Also, thank you for the 512K! That is actually really helpful as I was ordering the 2MB for testing and would have preferred to test both the 2MB and 512K. Having both of them will make testing much faster and help speed up the decision making. I really appreciate that.



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