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Hi All,


I've been reading about the Arduino IDE on the web, particularly this article



In the section "Build process" I found that the Arduino IDE puts the files generated from the sketches in a temporary folder 

\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Local Settings\Temp (on Windows)

/tmp (on Mac and Linux)


Since I am working on a non-gadget factory board (The Pipistrello 2.0) I have some special operations I need to do every once in a while which requires a copy of the output .bin file with the whole sketch.


Wouldn't it be nice to have the compiler output files and binaries in a sub-directory of the designlab sketch file, like ./build or similar so that we don't have to cruise around the filesystem to find the binaries? I can imagine that one time or another you actually want to save the exact binary you programmed your device with and then it would simply be a matter of tarballing or zipping the folder?


Best Regards

Kalle Kempe

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Hey Kalle,


It is actually how the Arduino IDE used to work. Then they switched to the temp directories, I always thought it was better to keep in in the sketch directory... With the Xilinx projects for designlab they all go in the circuit folder so you can just get your bit file from there... Or zip up the whole project.



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