Papilio one USB connection to PC stopped working


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Suddenly the USB connection between my PC and Papilio one has stopped working. It was working for months and now the PC doesn’t recognize it and I cannot download code to the FPGA.

The FPGA works fine because it has a previous code in its SPI flash that loads correctly when I plug the USB cable.

My questions are whether it is the FTDI chip that is broken and if it is then is it possible to kill it with incorrect FPGA code?

If my design eats more power than the USB port could supply could that also kill the FTDI chip?

As my board is old and out of warranty shall I try to replace FTDI?




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Hello Istvan,


I've yet to see any of the FTDI chips become broken by incorrect code (definitely not possible) or a design eating more power then the USB port can supply. Usually any problems are caused by a problem with the solder joints on the pins. I would recommend that you add some flux to the FTDI and the USB pins and then touch them up with a solder iron. That will usually fix any problems.


Also, even though your board is old, if you still have a desire to use it then that is what I care about. If you will actually be using the board then we will replace it for you no matter how old it is. It's more important to us to have an active community then to lose the cost of a board here and there.


If you just want us to replace it then send us an email at with a link to this message and your current shipping address.




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Hi Jack

Thanks for your help! That was the first thing I tried, I went through old soldering joints but without luck. Then I run a bit forward and removed the FTDI chip and replaced it with a new one (I used hot air gun). The PC can now see the Papilio via USB again! Now I am just afraid if I download my previous design again that will kill it... (I don't want to resolder it again)

But I also believe that a design cannot kill the FTDI chip. It could kill the FPGA IO pins but not the FTDI... I am now simulating my design and verifying it one-by-one. Honestly I have an own made special wing with 2x 4464 DRAM chips (with Quickswitch bus transciever to do voltage translation on the data pins), VGA, PS2 key on it, something like the Arcade wing. I have tested the PS2 keyboard part and it was working fine, then I turned it off and the PC never recognized it again.


I was wondering whether static electricity could kill it when I remove the USB connection.

Thanks for your offer on helping with the board! I have just purchased a Papilio Pro also which is on the way still. I am working on something that I don't want to release at this stage, but will be released when it is working.




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