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I am a computer engineering student looking to learn more about FPGA and I stumbled upon your products. I have a question regarding the wing buffer I/O . Currently I using a bus pirate with OLS software to debug my homework when all the measurement instrument are busy or  I am  at home. I looking to purchase a papilio duo and use a wing to get more I/O then the bus pirate. I have two questions:


1. I could use a Papilio Duo to thinker with FPGA and,  with the buffer wings use it as a logic analyzer with the OLS software , right ?


2. What would be the measurement frequency of the said device ?


I have looked through the forum and other website  This gave me some information i was looking for:à





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I purchased the papilio duo plus couple buffer wings and have a question. From what I understand the wing AH is missing from the board and the logic sketch use wings A and D.Is there a way to change the wing used by the stand alone logic analyser?. Upside is the AL wing is 5V tolerant.



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Yes, the source circuit for the Papilio DUO Logic Analyzer is included with the latest version of DesignLab so you can make changes if you would like. BTW, it looks like the LA is connected to Wing D and Wing C, not Wing AL...


To find the circuit go to file/examples/Benchy_Sump_LogicAnalyzer_Standalone:



You can then edit the circuit after you select Papilio DUO as your board type, this is what the default circuit looks like:




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Thank You for your hard work. I have been using my duo for some time and it really find it useful as logic analyzer.For example, I been able to figure out why my I2C sensor would only spit garbage and corrected my code. I have learned a lot about FPGA and I got a few simple projects running. I took a VLSI course last semester and could not advance because IT did not provide the Xilinx software until the fourth week. I found guide and videos on this website that explained everything I needed to start.


Thank again,



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