Getting PWM to work


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First of all: I started working with my Papilio Pro again and I really like how things developed here! I really like the DesignLab and how easy it easy to connect things to your own blocks! Thanks.


To verify some custom hardware connected to the board I need to create some square wave signal with some MHz. As neither analogWrite nor the PWM functions in the Timer class are working / present I tried writing to the registers directly (inspired by some forum post here) also does not toggle the PIN (WB12):

#include "register.h" #define FREQUENCY 100000#define SW1  WB12void setup(){  pinMode(SW1, OUTPUT);  pinModePPS(SW1, HIGH);  outputPinForFunction(SW1, IOPIN_TIMER0_OC);  TMR0CNT = 0;  TMR0CMP = (CLK_FREQ / FREQUENCY) - 1;  TMR0CTL = _BV(TCTLENA)|_BV(TCTLDIR)|_BV(TCTLCCM);  TMR0PWMLOW(0) = 0;  TMR0PWMHIGH(0) = 200;  TMR0PWMCTL(0) = 1;} 

But for now the pin stays low...

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