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Alex Kapotek

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Hello Alex, 


Just to make sure I understand the problem. Are you saying that you programmed the code to the Retrocade using the DesignLab IDE and after doing so you no longer have all of the SID, MOD, and YM files?


If that is what you are seeing then this is the solution:


The problem is that it takes a very long time to load all of those audio files over the serial port. So if they had all been included it would take around 10 minutes to load them every time you make a code change. So I added just a couple of small audio files to cut down that time. The best thing to do is this:


  • Go into DesignLab and open up the RetroCade project.
  • Hit the "Load circuit" icon, this should load the default bit file to the board that includes all of the audio files.
  • Press CTRL-K in the DesignLab IDE, this should open up the project folder.
  • Rename the smallfs directory to something else, like smallfs-orig. This will prevent the IDE from overwriting the audio files with the limited set of audio files. 
  • Load your code to the board and you should still have all of the audio files available.


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