Papilio One 500k - Speed Grade 4C


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Now, does this correspond with the speed setting in the xilinx ise?


Indeed. You should select -4 speed grade.


What happens if I choose -5 instead of -4 ?


Your timing analysis will be wrong. -5 devices are more performative than -4. That means that if you are close to the timing limits on -5, it will never run on a -4.

If it was the opposite (running a -4 on a -5 device) you'd be fine, but your design could eventually become faster if you chose the correct timings.



Also, what does the 'C' refer to? I don't see any 'C' in the new project wizard's settings.


"C" refers to temperature range, as in "Commercial" (as opposed to "I", which means "Industrial"). See page 7 of DS312 - Spartan-3E FPGA Family: Complete Data Sheet



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