New TFT Touchscreen Wing - Free give away!

Jack Gassett

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Hello everyone, I just got back from China and am ready to get back into the swing of things!


To get things going I wanted to give away some of the newest Wing that we just had manufactured. It is a Wing that makes it easy to connect those inexpensive TFT touchscreen LCDs to the Papilio.


I got this working with the Adafruit libraries a long time ago:


I never produced the Wing though because it requires a custom bit file to use the Wing. But now, with DesignLab it should be cake to make a custom bitfile to attach to the adafruit library to interface this Wing.


Here are some pictures:




Here is the pinout:



We don't have a working solution at this point but if anyone wants to help get these Wings working in DesignLab, or just experiment with them then we will send these Wings out for free for the next week! If you want a free Wing just send us an email at with a current shipping address and we will get one out to you. (If there is an overwhelming response we might need to limit this to 20 Wings...)


Let's use this thread to talk about development for this Wing. :)



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