Jack how was China Trip

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Well I'm back from China and while there is no immediate Papilio news to come out of it I learned a whole lot about camera modules while there. So I should be applying that to some cool projects and Wings for the Papilio. 


The purpose of the trip was to demonstrate a 720 degree VR camera that we made to some investors and to look for better camera modules in Shenzhen. The demo camera was not done in an FPGA but the next step is to make the next prototype with an FPGA, so one of the cool things that might come out of this work is a Papilio 720 camera for robotic navigation. Things are still up in the air so will have to see how things shake out.



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I have a close personal friend based in Shenzhen.  He is a Chinese native, but excellent English (he used to teach English in high school ).


If you need  trustworthy Chinese contact out there to introduce you to tech companies or shop for the latest goodies in Shenzhen electronics markets - then that's his line of work.


Contact me off-forum if you would like an introduction.




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