I Broke my DUO


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Just got my DUO and LogicStart Shield, plugged it in for test fit, then decided to work on the DUO first.  While seperating the DUO and shield I broke the slide switch, the one in the top right corner next to the OSC chip.


I would like;


A) I send you the DUO and you fix it.

B) You send me a new switch and I'll fix it.

C) You send me the MFG name and part#.

D) ???????????


I will, of course, cover any costs involved.


Thank you for your help during my time of crisis.



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Legal disclaimer: I don't want to encourage you to do anything that voids your warranty, puts anybody's immortal soul at risk, advances global warming etc.

That said: Being a hacker, the quick-fix solution to a broken switch is, solder my own switch to the board. And if I don't have one at hand, the next best thing is some 1/10 inch headers from the electronics store, and a jumper scavenged from my colleague's :-) PC.


Whatever the "implementation", as long as you don't add any excessive wire length, the board won't know the difference. The only thing that matters is that the correct two pins are connected. The schematic might give some hints on this.


My 0.02$...

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I had already thought of your suggestion as a solution and rejected it because it would look 'tacky'.  If it's buried in the back of the sock drawer who's gonna know.  An advantage of soldering a pigtail to the board is that I can work the switch with the Logic shield on, which under normal circumstances, I can't even see.  I can also use a toggle switch which are more reliable the a slider, plus I've already got a ton of them on the shelf.



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It's no problem at all, please just send us an email at support@gadgetfactory.net and we will get a new board sent out to you right away and then get you setup to send the old board to us. The Papilio is all about experimentation and so we want to make it easy to keep experimenting if something goes wrong. :)


Please include an up to date shipping address and a link to this forum thread and we will get you fixed up right away.



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The BOM is here:



But the problem is that Seeed Studio supplies that part and I don't really know an equivalent Digikey or Mouser part number... One of the only downsides of relying on Seeed for the manufacturing process.



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