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I am already using PicDSP33 and or T.I. DSP to control 3 phases PMAC motors.

I like to try the same thing with a Spartan 6 and xapp808 seems to be a good choice but was developed for a Spartan 3 with an

early version of ISE, importing the project (ISE 14.7) and setting the project to Spartan 6 is not easy.

I was wondering if someone has some ideas or has done it ?


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After unzipping the application, ISE does not load the files correctly, I had to "add" source files one by one and I think I am missing some

but when compiling libraries are missing and even trying to add them does not solve the errors, did you try to load the project ?

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xapp808 is creating an embedded microblaze system using EDK (Embedded Development Kit) which is NOT part of the free ISE webkit license.  A stand-alone ISE EDK license is about $500.

Also, the embedded system needs some kind of RAM to use for microblaze code so you would need a board with external RAM like Papilio Duo or Paplio Pro.




Edit: link to EDK product page:

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