Papilio DUO for a graduate course on Xilinx FPGAs ?


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I am going to start teaching a course on Xilinx FPGAs. I just found this, apparently wonderful, Papilio DUO board, which, if my understanding is correct, can be used by the Arduino instructors as well. I would like to know:


1) what parts do I need to be able to program the Papilio DUO using Xilinx's software?

-> programming cable?


2) is there any recommended additional board that will "do something" using this Xilinx's software?

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1) You just need a Mini USB cable.  Papilio DUO has an FTDI USB peripheral chip that talks to the FPGA's JTAG pins for programming.  The Mini USB also provides enough power for most projects, assuming you get a cable that has wires thick enough to carry the current.


2) I recommend Gadget Factory's Button/LED Wing: you do need something more than DUO's single LED and slide switch for reasonable projects.  There are a bunch of other Wings for more advanced projects like VGA:

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The Logicstart megawing is well suited to this. It's designed to serve the same function as many of the dedicated FPGA development boards. 8 switches, 8 LEDs, 4 multiplexed 7-segment displays, micro joystick/button, VGA, headphone jack and a SPI ADC. I've never found much use for the ADC and would have preferred a micro SD socket but everything else comes in handy.

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