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Hi Jack,


I'm new to papilio, specificialy the DUO, and I'm excited about your HDMI wing.  I want to do an LED wall made up of mix and match 32x32, 16x32, ...matrix panels.  I've got some questions.  Is the wing HDMI input, output, or both.  What I need is HDMI input with 24 bit RGB output to the DUO.

It goes without saying that I want it yesterday.  Realisticly speakng, when will the wing be available?



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Hello Hugh,


We already have support for the LED matrix panels in the latest release of DesignLab. Look for the SmartMatrix library. I haven't written much about it but it works...


For HDMI, I'm in China until the 29th of October. When I get back I think we will work on getting it up and running. Right now its just HDMI output.



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Yes, HDMI is working now, once Jack gets back we'll do some more testing and publish the design.

Unfortunately it will be hard to do 720p due to memory bandwidth limitations (on Pro), unless it's indexed color or RGB332. 1080p is also not possible due to Spartan6 limitations.

For DUO, I am sorry not even RGB332 will work at 720p, so you need to use a smaller resolution.



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The Papilio Pro is probably a reasonable development board to get started, but for a heavy duty project like feeding RGB matrix panels from high resolution HDMI video you'll probably want a custom board, or a more purpose-designed FPGA platform. I know I've seen some FPGA development boards that have HDMI input and output. You'll want a nice big, fast FPGA with a bunch of fast RAM.

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For RGB panel feeding you don't need that much speed (they are quite slow).

HDMI is feasible with S6 up to 720p - the bandwidth it's an amazing 2.2Gbit/s, split across three lanes.


Memory BW is around ~150MBytes/s for simple 16-bit output ay 720p. For true-color (24-bit) you need more, often you need twice that (due to alignment you need 32-bit), so ~300Mbytes/s.

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