Zpuino on the pipistrello


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I am working on getting the Zpuino on my Pipistrello.


I cloned the Zpuino repository from github yesterday and created a ISE project for the pipistrello using the files referenced in the pipistrello board directory .prj file.


It runs through the synthesis, p&r and bit file generation fine after switching out the deltasigma entity for an empty wishbone device.


Is there anything else that needs to be done for the .bit file to be correct?


Best regards

Kalle Kempe

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Check the Pipistrello system clock.

AFAIK it's 50 MHz, compared to the Papilio's 32 MHz.

I don't know the ZPUino internals, but probably there is a clock generator block somewhere that needs reconfiguration.


You'll definitely need correct clock rates for any UARTs to work.

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Got it to work.


The CPU had no Zpuino code to run in the flash.


Got that running with the command line tools:

 papilio-prog.exe -b bscan_spi_lx45.bit -f pipistrello_top.bit -v -r -r

And manually programming the Zpuino code:

C:\DesignLab-1.0.7\hardware\tools\zpu\bin>zpuinoprogrammer.exe -R -d com25 -b data.bin -v 
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