Papilio not programing


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I get the following error from the loader when trying to program the board and nothing gets programmed on the board:



JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x41c22093    Desc: XC3S500E
Using devlist.txt
Created from NCD file: Lab2.ncd;UserID=0xFFFFFFFF
You probably have a broken Atmel device in your chain!
Target device: 3s500evq100
No succeeding device can be identified
Created: 2015/09/23 15:54:12
Bitstream length: 2270208 bits

Uploading "C:\Users\pink\Documents\g\lab2\lab2.bit". Done.
Programming time 551.0 ms
USB transactions: Write 143 read 3 retries 0
Any ideas?
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