Joystick inputs seem mixed-up in Gameduino example


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I'm a newbie trying out the Gameduino samples and having a problem with my joystick, which I think is a clone of the old Atari 2600 style.


When I run the joytest sample my left, right, and back work OK, but the 'forward' direction gets triggered by the orange button, and moving the stick forward has no effect. I've tried a few different pin numbers at random without any success. In trying to debug this I am struggling to understand how the pins in the code below relate to the pin numbers in the hardware guide.



void loop()
  GD.putstr(40, 10, digitalRead(5) ? "-" : "F");   // maps to my orange button
  GD.putstr(40, 20, digitalRead(6) ? "-" : "D");   // works
  GD.putstr(35, 15, digitalRead(7) ? "-" : "L");   // works
  GD.putstr(45, 15, digitalRead(8) ? "-" : "R");   // works 
  //GD.putstr(17, 24, digitalRead(2) ? "-" : "S"); // always on (if I un-comment this)


Any insights appreciated,



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I havent used gameduino yet


and i know you marked some as // works, but try it to see what happens.

       GD.putstr(40, 10, digitalRead(13) ? "-" : "F"); 

  GD.putstr(40, 20, digitalRead(11) ? "-" : "D"); 
  GD.putstr(35, 15, digitalRead(9) ? "-" : "L");  
  GD.putstr(45, 15, digitalRead(8) ? "-" : "R");  
  GD.putstr(17, 24, digitalRead(12) ? "-" : "S"); // fire button?
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OK - I looked at the circuit diagram and see that only four of the joystick switches are mapped - no FWD for some reason - and the joytest example has the pins mixed-up which confused me further


You should definitely check-out the gameduino though as it is awesome. I came down this rabbit-hole trying to get the frog to move properly in the frogger tutorial so I should be able to fix that now!

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OK - here is a patched version of the frogger tutorial for those that are interested:


1) change #include for gameduino
2) fix deprecated type
3) re=map joystick pins (need to use the 'fire' button to jump forward)
4) add #include for gameduino circuit

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