VGA Resolution on Logicstart


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Hi all,


I'm using Papillio Duo with the Logicstart Shield.


I was wondering how I can increase the resolution on the VGA on the Logistart Shield, as right now I get max 160x120. Perhaps 640x480 if the hardware can handle it?? Does ZPUino library needs modification for this? Or its just matter of editing the VGA library?


Also how do I display Numeric values on the VGA, type INT for example? It seems that I have to convert them to Character string first to be able to display them.






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Hi Jack


Just tried it! Works great! Thanks :)


The only issue I have is that I have wide Samsung LCD monitor that clips left and right of the image... weird.

I'll experiment more on it.


I discovered it happens only on this mode:

gfx.begin( &modeline_640x384_60 );  //Highest mode supported by Papilio DUO 512KB


The smaller resolutions work fine.


I guess I'll be getting a Papilio DUO 2MB for the higher resolutions. ;)



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