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My DUO arrived today,  I was following along with the "DesignLab Quickstart – DUO AVR" guide (after installing DesignLab 1.0.7), and when I plugged the USB cable into the board, I was greeted with a "BAD_POOL_CALLER" BSOD.  I've spent a couple hours uninstalling, reinstalling, manually updating drivers, atttempting different ports, safe mode, etc...  No luck.  Same BSOD every time.  Oddly, after recovering from the BSOD, the board shows up in device manager as "USB IO Board" with a virtual com port number (that doesn't appear in the DesignLab IDE).  Any ideas?




W7 Ultimate, x64

Asus Z97-A

Core i7 4790K


GeForce GTX 970






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This is something that I've never run into with the Papilio before! Here is a link with an explanation of what can cause that error:


It seems to point to the driver and since the driver that shows up when you plug in the Papilio is not the correct driver I think the first plan of attack for this issue is to figure out how to uninstall the driver that is being called up instead of the Papilio drivers.


Can you go to device manager and there should be an option to show unattached devices. You should be able to find that USB IO Board device and right click on it an uninstall it. Lets see if that helps...



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Hello Sir, and thank you for the prompt and personal attention.  I have done some further ‘poking around’ and return with a mixed report.


Uninstalling the driver does not appear to resolve the issue, it merely BSODs on the next plug-and-play attempt.  Manually updating the driver using the “choose from list” option (screencapped below) also brings about an instantaneous BSOD.


After installing the DesignLab IDE on a separate machine (an HP EliteBook 8440p, i5 M520, W7 Pro x64, 2GB RAM), the same issue appears, identical in all respects.


However, somehow, spontaneously, a single port on my desktop now appears to be working properly.  I have done nothing special with respect to this port, and all other ports still respond with the “BAD_POOL_CALLER” BSOD - regardless of how many driver installation attempts, VCP setting changes, etc. are made.


While I am content to proceed using this single ‘golden USB port’ (which thankfully persists through port cycling and reboots), I would obviously like to get this straightened out, if for no other reason than to help anyone encountering this issue in the future.


I have done some googling on the matter, using the specific terms “Leonardo BAD_POOL_CALLER”, which brought about some pertinent results.  Unfortunately, none of the proposed solutions are of any help in my case, though I haven’t yet attempted reloading/updating the AVR’s bootloader.


Pursuant to that, am I correct in assuming the AVR on the Papilio DUO is using the current version of the standard Arduino Leonardo bootloader?  If so, I’ll see about digging up a beta and/or earlier versions.  (It’s worth noting here, however, that when I attempted to manually load the Leonardo driver provided with the Arduino IDE, Windows responded with “The best driver software for your device is already installed” [screencap below]).


It may also be diagnostically relevant to note that while listed in device manager as “USB IO Board”, the driver properties show it to be signed by “Gadget Factory LLC”.


Any further insight is most welcome.








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