Freezing when loaded via ZAP IDE


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I get a few problems after I upload the Audio_RetroCade_Synth example from the ZAP IDE :(


- When I play a track (SID, MOD or YMD) from the smallFS, there is no sound and the joystick stops responding.

However, the tinyloop() function continues to be called repeatedly, and my MIDI keyboard still plays sounds.


- When I try to see SDCard files, the Retrocade Synth also freezes.

It happens just when I try to navigate in the "SID SD Card" section with the joystick, so I can't go further and I can't play any track.


Besides that, all is working properly when I load the .BIT file (the one into the Audio_RetroCade_Synth example directory) with the Papilio Loader.

What could be wrong ? :mellow:

My settings :
- RetroCade MegaWing Bundle (bought here : july 2015)
- ZAP IDE 2.3.0
- Board > ZPUino 1.0 (32-bits) Boards > ZPUino on PapilioPro (LX9), RetroCade on RetroCade MegaWing
- Windows 7

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Thans for your quick answer.


I have enabled the Debug Mode but the console doesn't show error messages.

It's like the tracks were correctly loaded. For example :

track3.modOpening Mod File from SmallFS.4D 2E 4B 2E  Number of patterns: 1Memory needed: 6328Loading sample data ptrAll loaded

But by the way I noticed an anomaly !

The list of smallFS files shows 9 SID files, 9 MOD files and 9 YMD files while the "smallfs" directory in the example contains only 3 of each...

I've certainly forgotten to clear smallFS memory or something like that ?  :unsure:
I hope this is the cause of my problem ^_^
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Ok this was unrelated to my problem.
I've switched to DesignLab 1.0.7 instead of ZAP and now it's working fine :)
I first had this error :
Board mismatch!!!.
Board is:      0xa4041700 'GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9'
Sketch is for: 0xb4041700 'GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9 (ZPUino 2.0)'

then I clicked "Load Circuit" and Uploaded again.
I can now start to have fun  B)
Otherwise, I could not install DesignLab Linux Package. I had this error while decompressing :
gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

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