WARNING:ProjectMgmt:430 - DesignStrategies - Strategy file C:/Xilinx/14.3/


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Get the warning whenever I create a new empty circuit. Why is there an ref to a version (14.3) I never installed.


Installed ISE14.7 and DesignLab-1.0.7


I get the warnings when I select "Edit circuit" in the Designlab menu.


See the attached picture for ref on warnings.


PC is Windows 8.1 x64.


I guess it is a ref from when the template where made.



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Hello Kims,


some of the libraries which come with Design lab were created with ISE 14.3 .. this are just warning and in this case you can ignore them. 

as for

ISE and select <File> => <Openb Project>

do you open a design lab project or it happens with every ISE project ?

You should open design lab projects through design lab since it sets Paths and working space for ISE.

Can you post your File->preferences -> ISE location path ?


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